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Susan's Kipper

It was a great start to the New Year. Loki had been having a tough time trying to gain a Q in Jumpers. Each trial was either a knocked bar an off course, just one little thing! After some work on Loki's jumping style he finally got his act together this weekend and picked up a standard Q, 3 Q's in Jumpers and two new titles, his OA and OAJ. Susan, Surely and Kipper shared our hotel room and man what a great room it was. Big Plasma Screen, great sitting area, new bathrooms!!! Apparently newly renovated. Dogs were in heaven.

Kraig came up each day and ran Kaz. We all had a neat weekend with the Paulsen clan walking away with 3 new titles Miss Surely NA NAJ and Kaz with his NA!

Dogs had a blast running around, I really like heading up to Rancho Murietta. The weather is usually a little nippy and sometimes just pouring down with rain, but this year the weather was cool but good for the dogs. Loki loves trialling in weather like this.


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